Charities & Civil Society

Dame Julia is passionate about the importance of effective leadership in charities and the contribution they make to civil society.

As former Special Adviser to The Prince’s Charities, she has worked with the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation to develop and implement The Place Strategy, focusing the collective energy and resources of The Prince’s Charities on disadvantaged communities such as Burnley, Tottenham, Redcar (Middlesbrough) and Burslem (Stoke on Trent).

Following the successful evaluation by the Cass Business School of the Prince's Charitable Foundation Place Strategy, Julia is now working with Teach First and Business In The Community in Blackpool, and with the National Literacy Trust in Bradford, Middlesborough and Peterborough. She continues to champion the Prince's Business Connectors Programme with Business In The Community placing seconded private and public sector leaders working in the most deprived communities.

Read an executive summary of the independent report by Cass Business School in 2011 evaluating the impact of The Prince’s Charities’ collaborative action in Burnley. The full report is available here. The interim evaluation in 2013 of the collaborative work of The Prince’s Charities is available here.